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[其他] 元宵佳節知多少 A Festive Time of Light


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元宵佳節知多少 A Festive Time of Light
A Festive Time of Light
1/20 解析英語
作者 Brian Foden
閱讀時間 9分鐘
聽講解 聽朗讀
元宵佳節知多少 A Festive Time of Light

目錄 / More to Learn / Grammar Tips / 中文翻譯(& 答案)

        Occurring on the 15th day of the initial month of the Lunar New Year, when the first full moon appears, the Lantern Festival is a festive time that continues the good cheer and celebration sparked by Chinese New Year. It also simultaneously marks the end of that annual event. It’s a time when lanterns and other colorful lights and decorations adorn stores, businesses, and streets in Chinese communities around the globe. Aside from honoring ancestors, the festival is also meant to foster peace, forgiveness, and harmony.

        Lantern displays are the center of attention during the Lantern Festival in Taiwan. Parks across the island are often decorated with many lanterns depicting everything from the Chinese zodiac animal of the year to traditional Chinese folk stories. In addition, there are other stimulating activities, including lion and dragon dances, fireworks displays, and various parades. Schoolchildren make small lanterns at schools as well. There are also traditional foods associated with the Lantern Festival, such as tangyuan and dumplings. With tangyuan’s round shape, the treats symbolize the completeness and unity of the family.

        It is believed that the origin of the Lantern Festival can be traced back to the Han Dynasty (206 BCE to 220 CE) and is linked to a ritual that was performed by Buddhist monks which involved lighting lanterns to honor Buddha. There are also some colorful legends related to how the festival came about. One tells the story of the Jade Emperor becoming enraged at some townspeople who killed his beloved crane. His plan to burn the town to the ground was foiled by his daughter, who advised the people to light numerous lanterns in the town to trick the emperor into believing it had previously been set ablaze.

        Whatever the true roots of this joyous occasion, the Lantern Festival is enjoyed in cities such as Taipei, which will host the 2023 Taiwan Lantern Festival. According to local officials, the upcoming lantern show will focus on creativity and fashion.

1. According to the passage, who of the following people is NOT celebrating the Lantern Festival?

(A)  Tiffany is paying tribute to her ancestors.

(B)  Jerry is eating traditional foods with his family.

(C)  Kelly is worshiping the Jade Emperor to increase her fortune.

(D)  Michael and his friends are making interesting lanterns in the classroom.

2. According to legend, why did the Jade Emperor decide against burning down the town?

(A)  All the residents in the town lit lanterns to plead for mercy.

(B)  He mistakenly believed the town was already on fire.

(C)  The townspeople gave him a new crane as a gift.

(D)  His daughter used magic to change his mind.

3. According to the passage, which of the following pictures is an activity of the Lantern Festival?





4. Which of the following is true about the Lantern Festival?

(A) People decorate their homes with lights of one color.

(B) The shape of dumplings represents the reunion of the family.

(C) It marks the final day of the Chinese New Year celebration.

(D) The 2023 Lantern Festival in Taipei will highlight unity and peace.

答案 : 1.C 2,B 3.D 4.C

Words in Use

joyous [ˋdʒɔɪəs]

a. . 快樂的(常用來修飾事物、場合等)

spark [spɑrk]

n. 小火花
vt. 激發,引發
vi. 冒火花

beloved [bɪˋlʌvɪd]

a. 心愛的,受鍾愛的
n. 心愛的人

ritual [ˋrɪtʃʊəl]

n. 儀式 ; 例行公事
a. 儀式的

foster [ˋfɔstɚ]

vt. 培養,促進 ; 收養
a. 收養的

symbolize [ˋsɪmb!͵aɪz]

vt. . 象徵,代表

lunar [ˋlunɚ]

a. . 月亮的,與月亮有關的

meant [mɛnt]


upcoming [ˋʌp͵kʌmɪŋ]

adorn [əˋdɔrn]
vt. 裝飾

festive [ˋfɛstɪv]

a. 歡樂的,歡慶的;節慶的

simultaneously [saɪməlˋtenɪəslɪ]

adv. 同時地

forgiveness [fɚˋgɪvnɪs]
n. 寬恕,原諒

zodiac [ˋzodɪ͵æk]
n. 黃道帶,十二宮

completeness [kəmˋplitnɪs]
n. 完整

stimulating [ `stɪmjəˌletɪɧ ]

a. 富饒趣味的

foil [fɔɪl]

vt. 阻止,制止
Practical Phrases

be meant to V 目的/用意是要⋯⋯
These pills are meant to treat very bad headaches.

be traced back to + 明確的時間/時期 回溯至⋯⋯(某時)

burn(...) to the ground 燒毀(⋯⋯)
That poor family’s house was burnt to the ground in a big fire.

trick sb into V-ing 欺騙某人做⋯⋯
The conman tricked me into giving him NT$10,000.


set ablaze 被縱火焚燒
The man’s factory was set ablaze by his competitor.


Lunar New Year 農曆新年

Chinese zodiac animal 中國十二生肖

the Jade Emperor 玉皇大帝
More to Learn

enraged [ ˋɪn͵redʒd ] a. 憤怒的

• Helen was enraged at the comment about her hair.

a. angry [ ˋæŋgrɪ ] a. 生氣的

• Harold intentionally slammed his fist into the wall when he got angry.


b. mad [ mæd ]a.生氣的

• Jill is mad at her husband for not cleaning the dirty floor.


c. annoyed [ əˋnɔɪd ] a. 惱怒的

• Lydia was annoyed with Rudy for being late for their date.


d. furious [ furious ] a. 狂怒的

• Dale is furious at the way he has been treated.


e. irritated [ ˋɪrə͵tetɪd ] a. 惱火的

• Bonnie was irritated about having to wait so long for her food.


f. outraged [ ˋaʊt͵redʒd ] a. 憤怒的

• The public was deeply outraged by the price spikes.


Grammar Tips

It is believed that the origin of the Lantern Festival can be traced back to the Han Dynasty (206 BCE to 220 CE) and is linked to a ritual that was performed by Buddhist monks which involved lighting lanterns to honor Buddha.

※ 關係代名詞的「雙重限定」是先用一個關係代名詞 限定一個較大的範圍,在這個範圍中,再用另一個 關係代名詞做小範圍限定。

• Larry is the only man that I know who can help you take care of your two dogs.


• This is the only notebook that I bought which is really practical and light.


※ 如果後面出現的關係代名詞前面有對等連接詞 and,就不是上述所介紹的「雙重限定」用法,而 是兩個限定用法的並列。

• Dora is a friend who you can rely on and who is always kind and considerate.


• It is hard to enjoy being around someone who doesn’t take showers regularly and who has bad body odor.


※ 關係代名詞的「雙重限定」和「並列用法」的差別 以下列句子為例:

• Jim is the only man that is available in the company who can run errands for you.


* 有空的人不只一個。

• Jim is the only man that is available in the company and who can run errands for you.


* 有空的人只有一個。




答案:That is the only movie that I’ve seen which bored me to death.

中文翻譯(& 答案)

元宵節落在農曆正月十五日,正值第一個滿月出現時,它 是一個延續農曆新年帶來的歡樂和慶祝的節日。它同時也標誌 著新年這個年度活動的結束。這是一個全球各地的華人社區用 燈籠和其他五顏六色燈光和裝飾品裝飾商店、公司和街道的時 刻。除了崇敬祖先,這個節慶也旨在促進和平、寬恕與和諧。

在臺灣,元宵節期間的燈展是人們關注的焦點。該島的公 園通常會用許多燈籠裝飾,其刻劃各種事物,從當年度的生肖 到中華傳統民間故事都有。此外,還有其他富饒趣味的活動, 包括舞龍舞獅、煙火秀和各種遊行。學童也會在學校裡製作小 型的燈籠。另外還有與元宵節有關的傳統食物,像是湯圓和餃 子。湯圓這種圓形的點心象徵著家庭的完整與團結。

一般認為,元宵節的起源可以追溯到漢朝(公元前 206 年 至公元 220 年),並與佛教僧侶舉行的一種儀式有關,佛教僧 侶舉行的這種儀式包括點亮燈籠以紀念佛陀。關於這個節日的 起源,還有一些豐富多彩的傳說。其中一個所講的故事是,玉 皇大帝因某些鎮上的人殺了他心愛的鶴而勃然大怒。他要燒毀 城鎮的計畫被他女兒阻止了,她建議人們在城鎮裡點燃無數的 燈籠,以欺騙皇帝相信城鎮之前就已經被縱火焚燒了。

無論這個歡樂時刻的真正起源為何,元宵節在許多城市都 很受歡迎,像是臺北,其將於 2023 年主辦臺灣燈會。據當地 官員說法,即將到來的燈會秀會把重點放在創意和時尚。

1. 根據本文,下列哪一個人不是在慶祝元宵節?
(A) 蒂芬妮正在祭祖。
(B) 傑瑞正和家人一起吃傳統食物。
(C) 凱莉正在祭祀玉皇大帝,以求增加她的財富。 (D) 麥可和他的朋友正在教室裡製作有趣的燈籠。
2. 根據傳說,為什麼玉皇大帝決定不燒該城鎮了?

(A) 鎮上的所有居民都點亮燈籠懇求寬恕。

(B) 他誤以為小鎮已經起火了。

(C) 鎮民送給他一隻新的鶴作為禮物。

(D) 他的女兒使用法術讓他改變主意。

3. 根據本文,以下哪張圖片是元宵節的活動?

題解: 根據第二段,元宵節其他富饒趣味的活動還包括舞龍 舞獅、煙火秀和各種遊行,學童也會在學校裡製作小型的燈籠,選項中僅 (D) 圖符合,故選之。

4. 關於元宵節,下列哪項是正確的?

(A) 人們用一種顏色的燈來裝飾他們的家。

(B) 餃子的形狀代表家庭的團聚。

(C) 它標誌著農曆新年慶祝的最後一天。

(D) 臺北 2023 年元宵節將強調團結與和平。


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